Author - Grant Maye

Yeastar Management Plane Webinar

Boost your business with Yeastar by taking advantage of the Yeastar Management Plane! Fulfill customer needs, reduce management overheads, and generate a recurring revenue stream with 70% margin or higher. On December 11th at 11 AM ET, join Yeastar for an informative webinar that discusses the Yeastar Cloud PBX and YMP solutions. Register now.

Understanding SD-WAN and Edgewater’s Solution for the SMB

Software-defined wide area network solutions, commonly referred to as SD-WAN, are exploding. Enterprises began expressing specific concerns and needs for networking, which could only be met by this technology. In turn, SD-WAN growth has been monumental and sources predict that SD-WAN infrastructure and service revenue will reach over $8 billion in sales by the year 2021. As businesses begin to deploy 3rd platform technologies to achieve digital transformation and public cloud-based SaaS continually increases, we will see SD-WAN rise [...]

Edgewater Networks’ New Trade Up to SD-WAN Program

Edgewater Networks, the market leader in Network Edge Orchestration, recently announced its new Trade Up to SD-WAN program, which will enable partners to upgrade their existing EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges to the new SD-WAN capable devices. This program allows partners to continue providing both security and service assurance to their customers in conjunction with an expansion in functionality, including SD-WAN traffic shaping and optimization capabilities. The Trade-Up to SD-WAN Program Interest in SD-WAN has been on the rise, and it is imperative [...]

Yeastar and CloudCo Announce U.S. Distribution Partnership

Yeastar, a leading manufacturer of VoIP PBX systems and VoIP Gateways, announced it has entered into a distribution agreement with CloudCo Partner Inc, a top distributor of cloud service solutions. This partnership will ensure Yeastar as a crucial vendor in the American cloud market while enabling CloudCo to further complete their product offering with remarkable cloud service solutions. Yeastar is committed to providing SMEs with cutting-edge, cost-effective, and high-performance networking products that meet their communication needs. These communication solutions equip [...]