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Partner Advantage

has to offer.
Consolidated Cloud
Cloud services vary in many ways & we strive to provide a community of products that our partners can easily sell, receive support on, and effectively bill their customers for. Our focus is on creating a platform to help our partners competitively sell in the cloud service market.
Everything we do is driven by making our partners successful.

We are a partner-focused, channel-driven business.
No one can support an end user better than their locally or regionally focused
MSP. Plus, we do not compete with our partners or sell directly to
end users in any way.
The Benefits of Partner Advantage

One Management Portal

Manage all of your varied services through just one portal

Automated White Labeled Billing

Bill your customers through our white labeled solutions, which will free your from the burden of
tax calculations & collection, as well as determine how to bill for various usage charges.

Commission Done The Right Way

We pay our commissions on time, something we pride ourselves on - and commission plans are for the
lifetime that you support your customer, so set your sale price and receive commissions on that subscription
forever. Also, don't worry about relying on manufacturers or cloud service providers for payments. Every
payment you receive will be from us & it will be for all services.

No Long-Term Contracts or Minimum Commitments

Month-to-month contracts, if you desire, and no minimum commitments. Sell our services right from day one.

Our Full Support

Many partners come to us because of our support & we realize that it's key to provide great support so that
we can help minimize end customer churn & lost business. You will receive the highest level of support, through phone
technical support, as well as ticket based support.


We hold quarterly trainings for all partners to ensure that they're able to sell services to the best of their abilities.
We also offer remote session training on specific products our customers are interested in & these are scheduled
at your convenience.