3CX Private Cloud

Experience the benefits of hosting in our 3CX private cloud.

Host your 3CX instances in our private 3CX cloud, built & designed specifically for 3CX resellers by certified engineers.  Experience a suite of extended features, such as enhanced SIP security, a 3CX instance management hub, billing support for your direct end user sales, and free on-demand support from our 3CX Advanced Certified staff engineers.

3CX Private Cloud Features

Experience a private cloud where resources are reserved & there when you need them.

Enhanced Security

Provide your customers with a secure solution with intelligent instance hacking detection. We monitor a multitude of specific SIP attacks related to 3CX, detecting issues & performing intelligent preventions before your instance is even reached.

Hardware Savings

Experience a low-cost, reliable, maintenance-free 3CX solution. There's no worrying about hardware failure, upfront costs, and smaller opportunities. Servers are setup & ready in minutes for you to configure them for your clients.

Advanced Infrastructure

We utilize Infiniband technology, allowing us to significantly increase our instances IO performance, all while maintaining data consistency & synchronous replication. Compared to Infiniband, Ethernet is highly latent & often has bottlenecks, which can impair mission critical systems. Experience self-healing data replication through our DSAN. As data writes, it is also distributed across multiple nodes in our cluster to ensure you are covered by another node if a failure is detected.

Private Cloud

All instances are hosted in a private cloud, whereas most competitors host in a public cloud with shared resource pools. Our partners experience dedicated resources - you pay for exactly what you get. When hosting an application as important as VoIP, being on a private network with guaranteed resources will dramatically increase the quality of your customer experience.

U.S. Based Servers

Our private cloud is based in the U.S., with two data centers covering the East & West coasts. Choose your location & place your customers in the region of their choice. Experience better ping times & improved customer experiences. Location is key & many competitors do not offer regional-based data centers.

3CX Certified Support Staff

Support is critical & we are here to provide it. Receive free phone & ticket support for all of your 3CX Private Cloud instances. Our 3CX Advanced Certified engineers, with years of experience in 3CX management & support, are here to help our partners with any of their needs.
Free 30 Day Trial

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